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  • Races and Classes should be taken from the Player’s Handbook, though on occassion exceptions will be made. Yes, I know you’re eager to play that hulking monstrocity from Savage Species or another raptorian psion, hadozee ninja or whatever else it is you’re itching to roll. Having so many races represented dilutes the world, so please… just play a dwarven fighter.
  • Ability scores are generated using the Elite Array (Dungeon Master’s Guide, page 169), giving every character the following scores: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10 and 8.
    * When determining hit points, all Hit Dice are treated as if they rolled their highest number. For instance, a 5th-level elven wizard with 10 Constitution will have 20 HP.
  • PCs will begin play with an inventory equal to the suggested wealth given in Table 5-1 (Dungeon Master’s Guide, page 135); NPCs are created in a like-wise manner, using Table 4-23 on page 127 of the DMG.
  • There is a level loss penalty imposed on any player wanting to scrap one character to introduce something new. It is a difficult thing to establish anything remotely resembling backstory when you insist on playing a new character every week.


During the Angor Wars, four elven nations were destroyed in the crossfire. Those kingdoms amalgamated with the remaining clan and four elven lords swore fealty to the lord of Angyai.

Nightbreeze Hildegarn led the elves into combat against man and dwarf alike and conquered Angor.

The empire that he created he divided into seven realms- naming each for the principals of elven philosophy. He assigned the noble clans to watch over the territories, putting one above all others. The seven warlords who govern the parts of Angor, the snough, answer only to the mayoid himself.

Chu, Gi, Jin, Makoto, Meiyo, Rei and Yu; these seven states make up the empireā€¦

These states compose the modern Angor, but once upon a time, the world was divided much differently than it is today.

Prestige Classes

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