Gelsando Starlane

Master of Engineering, Gelsando Starlane.


Age: 127

Height: 3’4”

Weight: 43 lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Tone: Dark, Tanned

Body Type: Well-Built



Race: Gnome

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class(es): Warlock

STR: 14+2

DEX: 13

CON: 14

INT: 8

WIS: 10

CHA: 14

Skills: Craft(Mechanical) 5(6), Knowledge(Architechture) 2(1), Knowledge(Engineering) 4(3), Move Silently 1(2)

Feats: Martial Weapon Prof., Exotic Weapon Prof., Fey Heritage

HP: 56 FORT: +3 REF: +2 WILL: +4 MELEE: +9 RANGED: +10

Equipment: Saw-Blade Devastator GS(Masterworked Battle Axe, Electrical), GS1700, The Stake Launcher GS(Repeating Light Crossbow, Stake ammomunition), Ion Stone(Pale Blue)


Gelsando Starlane

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