The swamplands of Makoto lie in the south and proudly remain one of the empire’s largest states.

Snough: The lord of Makoto is Snough Greenbriar Sestun, a man who does not know the word promise. When Sestun says he will perform an action it is as good as done and nothing will stop him from doing what he has said he will do. To this born-and-bred warrior, speaking and doing are the same action.

Important Characters: Aside from the snough, Makoto is home to many other prominent characters. Moonblossom Uijo, second in command to the snough, is a respected raiumas known for his deadly greataxe.

Encounters: chuul, gray render, green hag, harpy, hydra, lizardfolk, medusa, ochre jelly, shambling mound, snake, spirit naga, will-o’-wisp; [in the east] annis, cryohydra, gray ooze; [in the west] black dragon, crocodile, giant crocodile, manticore, pyrohydra, rakshasa, shocker lizard, stirge.

Fighting Style: The soldiers of Makoto incorporate heavy armor, great strength and unusual weapons into their fighting style. As feats, soldiers in the lands of Makoto typically take Armor Proficiency (heavy), Cleave, Dodge, Endurance, Great Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Sunder, Mobility, Power Attack, Run, Spring Attack and Weapon Focus (battleaxe, greatclub, katana or warhammer).


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