Legend of Angor

Episode I: SLAVE

It all began with a young boy named Abe.

Abe and his sister Jolene were two humans, living in the Narrows of Makoto. Urchins, they were owned by the empire and the property of the snough. The two regluarly did errands for Thaddeus J. Bindlethumbs, a gnomish inventor and proprietor of a meager sundries store. After helping him eradicate his bat problem, Abe left to go purchase something he had been saving up for… a bow.

That bow was soon put to use as the siblings left rumors of the Black Samurai having been spotted in the Narrows to go witness the parade put on in honor of the snough’s return. Greenbriar Sestun, the warlord who governs Makoto, had left to meet with the other snough in the empire’s capital. News told of the mayoid growing weaker by the day; in time he would likely choose one of his sons to ascend to the throne in his place- but which?

Such worries were put out of Abe’s mind as Sestun laid eyes on Jolene and commanded his footmen to take her as one of his concubines. Determined to save her, Abe attempted to fight them and was powerless to save her. The healing powers of Melchizedek, a human cleric who passed by, brought him around.

The woman told Abe of her friends- people who could help him save his sister. Willing to do anything, Abe joined up with her and her cohorts and soon found himself in another fight with the raiumas. This time he was aided by the human warrior Doro and the elven sorcerer Quarion. The trio made short work of the swordsmen, though the peaceful Doro convinced the wounded men to flee rather than lose their lives.

Melchizedek quickly hurried her friends away to Starshine Books where Abe was introduced to the rest of the rebellion.

Michuru Half-elven, the resistance’s founder and leader, is found to be the son of the mayoid and one of his human concubines- explaining his determination to help Abe. However, Michuru’s human side is also of royal class, descending directly from the last king of Corsica. His friends Adell, Rory and Alemi now work to liberate humanity from their elven oppressors.

Working with them is Melchizedek’s group, including Darrow Half-elven, Capone Thunderbringer and Thaddeus J. Bindlethumbs. They are also joined by another team: aside from Doro and Keenwind Quarion, a kender rogue by the moniker of Tinker serves along with the gnomish warlock Gelsando Starlane. It is this group Abe joins as he learns tonight marks the group’s inaugural assault. The rebellion is small now but Michuru hopes to expand it. To do so he will need money and Melchizdek’s team is charged with looting the snough’s coffers.

Citing that the empire will cover up any attack on the stronghold, Michuru wants a signal to the humans to show them that their elven oppressors are vulnerable and provides Abe’s team with the means to light the top of the keep aflame. Announcing that his own team will provide a distraction to the strong officers under Sestun’s command, the group splits up to enter the keep from three locations- Abe’s team taking the sewers that the keep’s cisterns empty into.

In the sewers the team meets Bardou, a human rogue who betrayed his party to steel their magical items. Though the party bests him, Doro does not permit the group to kill the killer- instead subduing him and leaving him behind for the time being.

Once inside Treser Keep, the groups splits up- sending the rogue to scout ahead. During his mission, Tinker runs into the kender storyteller Shelly Mary.

Meanwhile, Doro’s group has a run in with a young raiumas named Moonglow Okuno. They best him and abscond his ancestral daisho. The skirmish causes enough of a ruckus that it draws many of the guards to them and the group begins to flee. However, such acts leave the roof unguarded and allow Tinker to use the scrolls of Grease and Lesser Fire Orb he “acquired” from Quarion to complete their mission.

Fleeing from the raiumas the group hide out in a chamber where they soon hear a girl’s scream. Barging through his bedroom doors they find Sestun with two concubines- branding them atop his now bloodied sheets. At the sight of Jolene, Abe attacks and Sestun’s battle with them is interrupted by Michuru’s arrival. Michuru announces his intent to hold him off, ordering the others to flee. Still, Gelsando’’s dousing Sestun’s chambers in kerosene helps Adell’s tindertwigs and the run goes up in flames behind the retreating heroes.

On the way out, Abe finds the signet ring his father left to Jolene- something she wore on a chain around her neck since they became orphans. Taking it up himself he had no choice but to trust Michuru to save her.

Escaping through the sewers, the group took Bardou to the local authorities and prepared to head into the Shade- seeking out the man Michuru believes instrumental in building a resistance…


Many ages ago, the fires of war threatened to consume the world of Angor. In the spring of the seventy-third year of Noriko, ambassadors from the kingdom of Corsica ventured into the dwarven kingdom of Ebriosus bringing good will and good wine. The long winter had brought trade from the south to a grinding halt. Those few merchants who made their way into the northern land had driven their prices to nightmarish highs and Corsica’s economy had suffered greatly. Seeking aid from the rich dwarves, the humans appealed to the dwarves’ avarice and pride. As they laid out their plans to improve infrastructure they were sure to point out opening new trade routes could only inflate the dwarven market and leave the rest of Angor indebted to their kind.

However, one of the ambassadors beheld the troves possessed of their dwarven neighbors and acted on his impulses. The man secretly seized a private collection of precious gems- commanding his retainers and guard to begin smuggling it back to his estate in Ebriosus. However, the dwarves were not so slow as to miss their wealth being spirited off. If nothing else can be said of the dwarves, it’s that they despite thieves; the ambassador and his men were put to death and the only news that reached the desperate emperor of Corsica was that bringers of his will had been executed.

A writ declaring war on the dwarves was signed within the hour the news fell on his ears… and the world suffered.

The gnomes were eager to prove their ingenuity and wasted no time in rallying behind their subterranean cousins. The technological boost granted them was sure to spell doom to humanity… were it not for the bridges the dwarves had long ago burnt.

The dwarves had made enemies of many races- gnolls, goblins and orcs; all were eager to throw themselves in the campaign against their bitter enemies. Still, Corsica had other allies in their efforts. In the aftermath of the Wars of Man, Corsica had signed treaties with Treser, Van and Pergamos. The human lands gave themselves to their brothers in Corsica and fought together against the dwarven scourge.

The kender remained true to their race and acted in the most perplexing way possible- openly playing both sides terribly, they seemed oblivious to the notion that their less-than-subtle nature fooled neither group.

Only the elves refused to become involved. Angyai, Ekade, Ikash, Omim and Ustam- five forests across Angor and each one a kingdom ruled by the elves. In the time of madness, only the elves seemed to think clearly. Their own ambassadors went out to all the nations, seeking a peaceful resolution. As their efforts were spurned so too did the elves spurn the rest of the world. They withdrew into their treetop kingdoms… and into total neutrality.

Ekade was the first to be destroyed. Bordering the Ebriosus Mountains, nestled in the western hook of the range, the kingdom was ravaged for her resources. In their non-aggression, the elves had become the fuel that feed the fires of war and the refugees began traveling southward, towards their neighbors in Ikash. When they arrived, they found their cousins from Omim already huddled there- having been destroyed themselves, by Corsica. News carried on the back of owls told that Ustam had taken solace in Angyai.

The Border Wars had seen much of the elves’ territory usurped from them- land they claimed had been theirs since the dawn of creation. In the upheaval created by the humans and the dwarves, the elven kingdoms had been shattered…

…And Reunified.

Under a single banner, the elves flew from their foliage fortresses and struck at the world. It had taken the humans and dwarves decades to shatter the world in the Border Wars; it had taken the elves less than a year to conquer it all.

By the end, the elves had done more than conquer- they had enslaved. The humans were bonded as their servants while the dwarves retreated to their mountain stronghold. The gnomes hardly disappointed their intellect; they were quick to change sides and ally themselves with the strongest force. The orcish tribes, which possessed a long-standing feud with the elven clans, shattered and became nomadic and more ferocious. The kender, whom neither the dwarves or humans paid much attention to throughout the war, were of even less interest to the elves… but tolerated none the less.

The elder of Angyai, Nightbreeze Hildegarn, was installed as the mayoid- the liege lord who ruled the feudal realm. Each of the warlords who helped him secure such an empire was given a fiefdom in exchange for their allegiance; the heritable, revenue-producing land in exchange for on-call military duties. The word of these warlords, the snough, is law as they answer only to the mayoid himself.

Angor had entered the Age of Elves.


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