MELCHIZEDEK: Human cleric 7; CR 7; Medium-sized humanoid; HD 7d8; hp 56; Init +1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 19, touch 11, flat-footed 18; Base Atk +5; Grp +4; Atk +4 melee (1d6-1, quarterstaff); Full Atk +4 melee (1d6-1, quarterstaff); SA spells; SQ turn undead; AL CG; SV Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +9; Str 8, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 13, Wis 16, Cha 14.

Skills and Feats: Concentration 5, Craft (bookbinding) 7, Craft (calligraphy) 7, Diplomacy 6, Heal 5, Knowledge (history) 7, Spellcraft 5; Augment Healing, Empower Spell, Iron Will, Scribe Scroll.

Languages: Common, Elven.

Aura (Ex): Melchizedek has a powerful aura radiating her good alignment.

Turn Undead (Su): By channeling the power of goodness through a holy symbol, Melchizedek can turn or destroy undead creatures five times daily.

Cleric Spells Prepared (6/5/4/3/1; cast level 7th): 0 – Create Water, Detect Magic x2, Mending, Purify Food and Drink x2; 1st – Bless Water, Detect Evil, Divine Favor x2, Protection from Evil, Sanctuary; 2nd – Aid, Make Whole, Owl’s Wisdom, Status, Zone of Truth; 3rd – Create Food and Water, Dispel Magic, Locate Object, Magic Circle against Evil; 4th – Holy Smite, Sending.

*Domains: Melchizedek has the Good and Healing domains.

Possessions: Aroma of Dreams, badge, belt pouch, breastplate (+3, glamered), quarterstaff, Scroll of Cure Serious Wounds x6, scrollcase, silver holy symbol (good), Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (46/50 charges), 18 gp.



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