Black Samurai


THE BLACK SAMURAI: male elf fighter 10 / ghostwalker 10; CR 20; medium humanoid; HD 20d10 plus 3; hp 203; Init +11; Spd 30 ft.; AC 37, touch 22, flat-footed 25; Base Atk +20; Grp +20; Atk +21 melee (1d10+2/17-20/x2, katana) or +28 melee (1d6+2/19-20/x2, wakizashi); Full Atk; SQ anonymity, elven traits, etherealness 3/day, feign death, painful reckoning +10, resolute aura, shadow walk, superior iron will; AL CG; SV Fort +19, Ref +19, Will +19; Str 10, Dex 24, Con 10, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 14.

Skills and Feats: Bluff +7, Climb +5, Diplomacy +19, Gather Information +9, Intimidate +20, Jump +13, Listen +7, Move Silently +16, Sense Motive +10, Spot +7, Swim +5, Tumble +9; Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Endurance, Improved Critical (katana), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Quick Draw, Toughness, Weapon Finesse (wakizashi), Weapon Focus (katana), Weapon Focus (wakizashi), Weapon Specialization (katana), Weapon Specialization (wakizashi).

Anonymity: The Black Samurai benefits from anonymity, but should his name ever become known to his foes, his powers are weakened. One those enemies who know his name, his resolute aura no longer functions. If they are hostile, he cannot feign death, become ethereal, or shadow walk in their presence (to a distance of 100 feet), and his painful reckoning bonus, if any, is halved against them.

Etherealness (Ex): Calling on the obscure, mystical forces that drive him to wander the world, the Black Samurai has the power to become ethereal, as per the spell ethereal jaunt. The effect persists for 10 rounds.

Feign Death: Once per day, the Black Samurai can enter a cataleptic state that is impossible to distinguish from actual death- usually for ending an encounter. The effect lasts for 100 rounds. Although he can smell, hear, and knows what is going on, no feeling or sight of any sort is possible for the Black Samurai. Any wounding of his body is not felt and any damage taken is only one-half normal. Paralysis, poison, and energy drain do not effect the Black Samurai in this state, but poison injected into the body becomes effective when the effect ends.

Painful Reckoning: If the Black Samurai loses more than 50% of his normal hit point total in one encounter (and survives), he gains a +10 bonus to his AC, attack and damage rolls when he faces the specific foe or foes whom he fought in the initial encounter.

Resolute Aura: Whether fearful or respected, humanoids around the Black Samurai typically pause and obey when confronted, granting a +10 bonus to Intimidate checks.

Shadow Walk (Ex): The Black Samurai can shadow walk, as per the spell, traveling at a rate of one mile per minute. Kusanagi can only shadow walk for 10 hours per day and may only use this ability three times per day. While in this state, Kusanagi heals at the rate of 30 hit points.

Superior Iron Will: The Black Samurai gains an additional +2 bonus to Will saves, stacking with the Iron Will feat.

Possessions: Boots of Speed, Bracers of Armor +8, Cloak of Resistance +5, katana (+5, keen, vicious, speed), leafweave leather armor (+5, glamered, spell resistance [15]), Manual of Quickness in Action +4 (used), Portable Hole, Ring of Improved Jumping, Ring of Protection +5, wakizashi (+5, merciful, holy, speed), 75 pp, 5 gp.


Thanks to his glamered armour, the Black Samurai can appear like a vagabond. Normally, he appears to be clothed in ill-fitting robes held together by patches and covered in dirt. He appears gaunt himself, yet still lithe and intimidating.

He has large, expressionful eyes that radiate kindness and often reflect his inner sorrow.

Black Samurai

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