Legend of Angor


Moonglow Okuno’s group made a new friend, discovering Titus urinating on the body of Tu’jayl. When asked about Quarion, Titus told the band of revenge seekers that he had seen their group only a day before- on the Noph Coast. When pressed for an explanation as to how he covered a week’s walk in a day, Titus told them of the railroad the gnomes had built and prepared to lead them to meet the station manager- Gelus Cableraft.

Meanwhile, the group prepared to enter the sunken temple. At the realization that the stronghold was submerged underwater, Quarion opted to remain outside- letting the party go on ahead. As Gelsando proved to be the only with capable of breathing underwater, the gnome was used as a scout. The group found little challenge in the sunken halls- at least until they met Shobun.

Shobun introduced himself as an elan and explained that during after the war, the men who had fought on the frontline were so haunted by their sins, they were transformed in mass. As elans, they ceased to remember their past lives and the terrible acts they had committed. Still, psions believe “to know thyself is to know power” and many elan psions had begun searching for their past identities- only to learn the truth…

Shobun himself learned that he had been a high-ranking general for the kingdom of Corsica and had personally given the order to have Ekade burnt to fuel their war machine. At this news, Rhom became enraged but continued to hear Shobun out for the warning he claimed to have come to deliver. His hunt through history had yielded a forbidden fruit: Doro might have previously been Lionel Alexander, the king of Corsica and the man who declared war on the dwarves.

Doro may have been the man who started the war.

Further, the telepath made many other mysterious remarks. He revealed to Ijichi that the group was on a mission to abolish the current regime… although one member was not loyal to such a cause. As he continued to expose the inner workings of each adventurer, Rhom continued to verbally berate Abe. Angered at hearing his former race slandered, Shobun dominated Abe psionically and commanded him to kill Rhom.

Ijichi took to Rhom’s defense while Gelsando and Doro fought Shobun. Ultimately, they were able to incapacitate the psion… only for Rhom to slay him with a coup de grace before he could awaken and say any more…

Taking the tome that detailed the history of Corsica’s last days, Doro had much to think over and little time to dwell. It wasn’t long before the group found themselves facing the Whip- twin kuo-toa clerics with staggering evasive abilities. Ultimately, the group was barely able to land attacks on the brothers but Gelsando’s eldric blasts were able to send them scurrying away through the waters.

As they moved to leave, Rhom and Ijichi found a wall of ice and moved to melt through- only to discover a sentient lance to be the creator of such an obstacle. The arrogant weapon introduced itself as Mikudasu and agreed to help Ijichi seal off the temple and prevent more relief from spilling from the stronghold.



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