Legend of Angor

Episode V: GEAS

Moonglow Okuno continued his hunt for Quarion. This time, his quest took him to Aberforth where he met with Yewcinder and learned his prey’s name. He took the Skyshroud brothers from them and led them out of the city, saying he had come from Makoto to deliver them to the justice of the snough. Instead, he released them- offering them freedom in exchange for helping him bring the adventurers down.

After dealing with a sea cat, the party made it to Noph where Darrow and Capone led them to where the resistance was held up. Michuru told them what news he had heard: goblins raiding the east, kuo-toa attacks in the west with the sahuagin fighting the merfolk in the waters to the south. He also informed Rhom of attacks on fire clerics- which reminded him of what he wanted to discuss…

Having Alemei cast Zone of Truth on the group, Michuru informed them that he had heard news of a mole the empire had put in their midst. Ready to begin the inquisition, Michuru took them in turn. “The empire or the rebellion… I need to know where your allegiance lies.”

When asked who he was loyal to, Doro simply said, “The rebellion.” Quarion informed Michuru he wanted only to see the government crushed. Abe put his faith in any who would help him overtake Snough Sestun and Rhom…

“As a cleric of the flame, my allegiance is to the temple.”

It was then that Tinker finally put two-and-two together. Though he knew Rhom was a cleric and frequently saw the holy symbol barring the sacred flame, he never equated Rhom as a fire cleric. It was then that he screamed, “CONSTANT VIGILANCE!” and thrust his blade through the healer’s back and out his stomach.

Doro and Michuru restrained him and Michuru began to explain that a war was brewing between the water clerics and the biggest fire temple on the coast of Angor: the Order of Solice. The Order, led by the paladin Jerome, houses a Seed- a portal to one of the four moons that orbit the world Angor rests upon. It is from this moon that fire clerics get their powers and the water clerics appear to be seeking a way to cut off their rivals from the source of energy. As such, they have begun to abduct adventures and cast Geas upon them- charging them with the task of slaying fire clerics in hopes of drawing Jerome away from the portal he protects.

Tinker has been charmed.

Michuru suggests the group leave town, but as Alemei and Rory soon point out, this was only said for Tinker’s benefit. The two put the group up in a hotel run by the mayor of Noph and along the way the two girls display some disdain for each other. It seems that Rory has a crush on Michuru and Alemei on Adell; the trouble is, Adell has eyes for Rory while Michuru lusts for Alemei.

Never the less, the group finds themselves able to rest easy for the night- now charged with a new mission… Michuru intends to gain the allegiance of a temple in the coming war and he believes saving the Order of Solice may gain favor from the fire clerics and their paladin guardians. Thus, Michuru’s team (Alemei, Adell and Rory) will go after the cleric casting Geas while Melchizedek’s team (Capone, Thaddeus and Darrow) will lend themselves to the goblins ravaging the east. The party then planned to set off for the water cleric’s temple in the west- one run by twin brothers known as the Whip. If their command center fell, the water clerics would lose their relief and the fire sect could fight back.

At the hotel, they met Ijichi Half-elven, the paladin whose sister was slain a week prior by Tinker. Learning of their intent to raid a water temple and defend the Order of Solice (his home temple) the group joined up with him and set out towards the stronghold.

As they neared, the group came under attack by an army of small water elementals. Though Rhom was able to turn most of them, the party was overwhelmed but still managed to survive the encounter. It was then that they found a cleric spent of his spells- the one who had summoned the elementals… with the help of the Whip.

Though the human cleric surrendered, the twin kuo-toa left to receive the party at the temple. Letting the human cleric go, the party stood at the entrance to the temple fortress and readied themselves to go in…



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