Legend of Angor

Episode IV: FIRE

While the group stopped the brothers’ scheme, a shadow from their past arrived at Thalin’s estate and met 137, the nimblewright disabled by Gelsando and Tinker. Introducing himself as Moonglow Okuno, the elven raiumas offered to allow 137 to accompany him in hunting down the group and taking back what was rightfully his… After a quick casting of Locate Object, the pair headed off towards their next destination…

…a place the group was just leaving.

Following a Sending from Alemei, the group headed south, towards the Noph Coast. Still, another appearance from Fflewddur Fflam in Gelsando’s dreams warned the party to stay clear of any involvement with Tu’jayl.

Along the way to the Noph Coast, the group encountered a young paladin, defending his downed cleric from a group of lizardmen. Jumping into action, the group saved the half-elf and his elven sister, only to watch in awe as she began to abuse the warrior once revived. Before proper introductions could be made, Tinker attacked the cleric, slaying her and then denying it had ever happened.

The paladin then explained the siblings’ mission: lizardfolk were desecrating a fire temple nearby and their order had sent them to eradicate the beastmen. Hearing his order’s plight, Rhom volunteered the group to deal with the threat, leaving the paladin to carry the cleric’s body back to their father…

…all without giving a name.

The group found the temple, slanting to one side and sinking into the marshes. As Rhom explained, the temple had been attacked by earth clerics long ago and abandoned by their order soon after. Still, the sight of the lizardmen taking up residence in the former church pushed him to lead the group in and raid the church.

After a few mishaps, the group found an underground lake guarded by shocker lizards. Quarion attempted to ward them away with his beloved Shocking Grasp, only to draw them to him. Running out of the temple, he led the pack of shocker lizards out, followed by the majority of the party. Tinker, however, made his way across the shallow lake and found Tu’jayl, the lizardman cleric attempting to restore the temple.

Telling the cleric that the party had come to kill him, Tu’jayl cast Hold Person on the halfling and headed off to deal with the remainder of the party. In a hall he met Rhom, blasting him with Burning Hands before using Darkness to strip the elven cleric of his sight. From talking to him, Rhom realized they should have avoided coming here as Tu’jayl was attempting to do good.

Making it out of the temple, Rhom found the group fighting Tu’jayl and stopped the battle- only to watch Tinker explode from the ruins and strike down a second fire cleric. His heart filled with grief, Rhom gave his fellow cleric a proper farewell and the group proceeded onward to the Noph Coast…



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