Legend of Angor

Episode II: RANSOM

Fleeing into the Shade, the marshes that compose the bulk of Makoto, the adventurers fought off a giant crocodile just before making it to the small hut of Gunnar Enverse.

As paranoid as he was curious, Gunnar refused to invite any of them inside his home- insisting that they simply enter if they could. Facing the door they found a full-length mirror which Gunnar inspected their reflections in. Gunnar, a githzerai monk, wore a necklace of fangs and garlic, carried a quiver of spikes on him and was clad in a leather jerkin decked out with holy symbols.

A trapper by trade, Gunnar’s true passion comes from hunting down and killing the undead- especially vampires. While Gunnar stuffed their bellies and provided soft bunks, he offered them the leather armor he crafts as well as the arrows he generates.

He also introduced them to another member of the rebellion, the elven cleric R’hom.

R’hom healed their wounds and the group camped in Gunnar’s cellar for the night, waking up to find Starshine Rory waiting for them. Rory told them of a new plot to bolster the rebellion’s pockets: abducting three nobles and ransoming them to the empire. The party’s target: Skyseeker Thalin, a young noble obsessed with the romantic ideals of adventuring. His love for archer has led to him celebrating his birthday with an archery competition.

The downside? Thalin is the younger brother of Skyseeker Avila, one of the Snough and a young woman Snough Tapion has his eye on. “In the event Tapion ascends to the throne,” Rory explained, “it is likely he’ll force her to take his hand in marriage. You could be abducting the future brother-in-law to the Mayoid… You could be making a powerful enemy…”

Still, the rebels persisted.

On their trip to the southern territories, they encountered an ooze that consumed R’hom’s armor, leaving him dressed in shambles. Soon after, they detected a squadron of lizardfolk led by a ranseur-wielding barbarian. Sensing that his companions were about to kill the creatures for their armor and weapons, Doro took it upon himself to convince the lizardfolk to flee- earning him the scorn of R’hom.

Still, R’hom was able to contain his contempt until they reached the Tahin’s family’s summer estates. Already, archers from around the country were gathered, camping on the outskirts of the estate. Here, the heroes met Snowsong Shimada, Chienne Half-elven and Farstrider Gaiden. While Doro and Quarion got to know Chienne, R’hom made nice with the elves- Shimada and Gaiden, though he quickly realized that Gaiden was not what he seemed…

Figuring that Gaiden was a nimblewright in the service of the Skyseeker family, he employed Gelsando and Tinker to dismantle Gaiden prior to the tournament.

The following day, the party watched as Tinker became the first dropped from the archer competition- with numbers dwindling until only Shimada, Chienne and Abe remained. Ultimately, Shimada’s cheating was exposed- using arcane talents to hit the target each time –and Chienne offered to call the match a draw with Abe.

It was then that the rebels made their move, letting Gelsando and Tinker occupy the construct while Doro absconded the noble…



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